tuesday vibes

happy tuesday! this past sunday was busy for us. i had no time to slip away for a blog update. we were hustling and bustling trying to prepare for our very exciting spring break getaway. shipping orders, running errands, etc. however, i am here now! *waves*

char taking a pic of the plane passing over colorado.

char taking a pic of the plane passing over colorado.

as i type this, we are in route to los angeles, california! the little one is thrilled to be on her second airplane ride, and is ready to land so the fun can officially begin. she has been awake the entire time! almost 6 hours. i just knew she would take a nap, NOPE! her excitement is through the roof! not to mention she has the awesome window seat, her books, ipod + movies to keep her company. oh, and her new friends, gumby + pokey.

being on the plane with char is pretty exciting. i travel quite a bit for work and am not able to bring her with me most of the time. getting away just for fun, and not for business, is something that i have wanted to do with her for a long time.  she's been asking + asking to journey to cali! welp, we are now about 43 mins away. it's a blessing to be able to travel with your children. expensive, but a blessing. there was once a time that i didn't think i could ever give her the gift of going places. looking over and witnessing her immense happiness warms my heart. 

sometimes we forget to share certain experiences with our kids, for a various reasons. life takes a hold of us and we get caught in the motions, in the emails, in the job, in the whatevers...

but don't forget to enjoy the journey, especially with your kids. i know it's not always easy. i've had to make a conscience effort to really inhale the moments. char has grown up so fast! it's like she was a baby a minute ago and now she is 7! i can't believe it sometimes. time doesn't wait for us. we have to remember to create good memories from priceless moments. 

we will be landing very shortly! see you guys on sunday. :)